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Puppet theater show for all audiences,  performed with mixed techniques, direct manipulation puppets, glove puppets, shadow theater passages and mixed manipulation of direct manipulation and body manipulation. 

A show where pigs are the common denominator of three stories:


“The Mysterious Neighbor”  inspired by the Latin American popular tale “Juan Bobo and the Princess's Secret”. 

A new neighbor moves into a neighborhood and all the gossipy and distrustful neighbors want to find out what she's doing. To do so, they propose a contest where whoever finds out can make a wish. The entire neighborhood tries to discover without success, while they mock and discredit the strategies of the neighborhood fool, who to the astonishment of everyone manages to win the contest and unmask that enigma.


“Raul the pig” is an absurd story where an unusual pig has an impossible wish and becomes misunderstood by all his neighbors. Carmen, his owner, will be the one who discovers his desire and will do everything possible to help him. 


Third story “Los Champi” two somewhat strange and crazy brothers. The protagonists go through countless emotions  and situations from one moment to the next, solving simple, everyday problems in absurd and unconventional ways.


The entire show is intertwined by shadows and table passages that will guide the viewer and take them through the different scenarios, preparing and outlining each of the stories, as well as opening and closing the show in its entirety.


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