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long steps

One-person Contemporary Puppet Theater for adults.

Uruguay/Argentina co-production supported by Iberescena.

By Maru Fernández. Released in Nov. 2016, at the SODRE National Auditorium, Hugo Balzo Room, Montevideo, Uruguay.

A woman and three dresses that become a scene, 

three moments in someone's life,

the story of three long steps on a path…

A woman and three dresses that transform into a scene record three steps – three moments – in the life of a character. From the poetic to the acidic humor, sensitivity crosses deep and common themes, such as life as a couple, old age and bonds; through an original language that breaks the mold of traditional communication. 

The show takes the ancient art of puppetry, and through exhaustive experimental work takes it down the path of innovation and mixture, due to its technical versatility, which includes mouth puppets and objects, objectification of the body, as well as assembly and disassembled from something as simple as a dress  or a sheet of paper.

Uruguayan/Argentine co-production awarded by Iberescena, with a young and creative team in pursuit of in-depth research into the different languages that current puppet theater contemplates. An exhaustive work of search and experimentation, achieving new and personal ways of telling from the possibilities of a soloist.



Artistic File

Dramaturgy and interpretation: Maru Fernández

Direction: Gerardo Martínez 

Sound Design and Original music: Leandro Sabino 

Costume Design: Mariana Dosil

Design and operation of lights: Lucía Tayler 

Graphic Design: Sebastián Pereira

Photography: Alejandro Persichetti

Choreographic Advice: Rosi Jacomelli

Data sheet

Duration: 50 minutes.

Recommended audience: Young people and adults.

Maximum capacity: 500 spectators.

Stage space (minimum required): 5m mouth, 5m depth  and 3.5m high.



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