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Puppet theater show for all audiences,  made with mixed techniques, direct manipulation puppets, glove puppets with wireless lighting, shadow theater passages and black light. 

A storm that devastates and creates,

A people that looks for its parts everywhere,

Two friends and a great adventure,

A story where parts are missing…

Show review

Julián and Ramiro take the wrong path and get lost. Meanwhile, a great storm hits the inhabitants of their town, taking with it some important part of each one. When they return they find a changed town, where everyone has lost a part and are desperate to return to who they were. These two friends feel guilty because when they got lost they did not arrive in time to help their friends and they are the only ones who have all their parts.

Therefore, in a quixotic act Ramiro decides to go in search of the storm, face it and make it return everything it took; while Julián stays in the town making inventions that solve some of the problems of the inhabitants who are missing parts.

A show of great aesthetic richness and attention to detail, with a great scenic display creating different spaces on the stage that range from a camp, through an ocean, a well, a battle with the storm and ending with a flight in a balloon aerostatic. Great process of research and innovation on lighting techniques that allow movement throughout the stage space, breaking with the eternal frontality of the puppets, giving the possibility of working from the back, side, etc., without affecting the audience's vision. It is also combined technology with the use of projections to generate the scenery of the town (mapping) and various lighting effects,  opening and closing spaces.



Artistic file:

Original idea and script: Coriolis

Address: Gerardo Martínez Gnazzo

Puppeteers: Maru Fernández and Gerardo Martínez or Cecilia Bruzzone

Technician and assistant:Trilce Yapor

Design and construction of puppets: Coriolis

Musical and original selection: Sebastian Pereira

Costume Design: Mariana Dosil

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