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Show direct manipulation on the table, without spoken text, for all audiences.


Three old people and a dog vs death. 


The work takes place over the course of a year. The stations follow one another around a square bench.

In it, three octogenarians and an unscrupulous dog are participants in situations where they must fight to live together in harmony (or not). 

But in this everyday area of simple problems and conflicts, a bigger problem arises with

the one they have to deal with throughout the entire play, death.

A peculiar character who watches, stalks and confronts them throughout the show trying to catch them and take them away.

The elders and the dog try to evade her, run away from her, ignore her and confront her in order to continue. 


The scenes go through simple and at the same time profound moments and conflicts, which refer us to human fragility,

customs, habits, enjoyment of small things, anger, friendship, tolerance, humor, music and loneliness. 


Artistic file
Direction, dramaturgy and interpretation:

Maru Fernández and Gerardo Martínez

Original Sound and Music Design:

Leandro Sabino and Maia Prieto

Costume Design:

Mariana Dosil
Light design and operation:

Lucia Tayler
Puppet design and construction:



Data sheet

Duration: 45 minutes.

Language: no spoken text
Recommended audience: all audiences, (recommended +4 years)
Assembly time: 2/3 h
Disassembly time: 45 minutes.
Accommodation on tour: 2 people
Packaging: one suitcase (without excess luggage)

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