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In 2014, a working group was formed to project a large  undertaking that concluded in the creation of the First International Puppet Series of Montevideo Objeto/MVD that took place in 2015 and 2017.

First edition

“The Art of Puppetry in the Region”

The Cycle took place at the SODRE (Adela Reta and Nelly Goitiño Auditorium), AGADU (Mario Benedetti Room) and INJU House. It featured the participation of “El Titiritero de Banfield” (Argentina), “Lumbra” (Brazil), “La Ovidio Titers Band” (Uruguay), “Coriolis” (Uruguay) and Maru Fernández (Uruguay). 

Trailer about the first edition of OBJETO/MVD

second edition

“Puppeteer Hands”

It took place in the Nelly Gotiño Hall of the SODRE and Zavala Muniz of the Teatro Solís, with companies from Argentina, Spain and Uruguay participating. This second edition is called “Manos Titiriteras” and its programming will be staged by puppeteers, seeking to place the figure of women and their leading role within this art at the center of reflection.

Trailer about the second edition of OBJETO/MVD

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